Message from Executive Chairman

prof zairi

  Professor Mohamed Zairi

  Executive Chairman BSIS
Founder Zairi Institute and ECBPM
  Juran Chair in Total Quality Management
Director of European Centre for TQM (ECTQM)
The battle of the 21st century is without doubt the battle of talent, knowledge-based competitiveness and a heavy reliance on technological innovations. Indeed, modern economies will have to be fueled with knowledge, a seamless flow of information and talented people in the driving seat, making a different through creation, innovation and value added contributions. The late Peter Drucker, perhaps the most famous management thinker of the 20th century argued that a Knowledge-Based Economy requires an entirely new and different approach. He said :

"Management” means, in the last analysis, the substitution of thought for brawn and muscle, of knowledge for folklore and  superstition, and of cooperation for force. . ."

•    Peter Drucker
     American (Austrian-born) management writer (1909 – 2005)

Zairi Institute, together with its Research arm (The European Centre for Best practice Management) and KT and business Solutions (BSIS) seeks to be a provider of knowledge life cycle requirements that are fit for whatever purpose they are required for, with quality, innovative thinking and the desire to positively impact on people and organizations alike.  We seek to manage upstream and downstream aspects of Knowledge development, its Management, Delivery, Transfer and wider Dissemination. The ECBPM will continue to pioneer through research and scientific exploration, new ideas and concepts that address the needs of various sectors of the economy and in support of human capital development. Zairi Institute will continue to provide education and knowledge acquisition for various layers of management. Zairi Institute will do so by giving managers and leaders explore to new thinking, demonstrating applicability of concepts in different sectors and situations and show casing the management concepts with best practice examples. Business Support International Services (BSIS) will support the transfer of Knowledge and its implementation in organizations through toolkits, eServices and KT portals and other knowledge dissemination approaches.

It is our strong belief that as we progress deep in the 21st century, existing knowledge will become more and more a ‘commodity product’. It therefore means that its lifecycle of usability will shrink, its value, relevance and possible power will also decrease. Coupled with this challenge is the fact that both individuals and organizations are more likely to become very demanding in terms of new knowledge and the replenishment of what they consume. The Zairi Institute is well equipped for these challenges and will be able to cater for the development of new ideas, management thinking and pioneering concepts but also will do so at the pace and quality that the business environment and managerial and leadership talent require.

 We look forward to working in partnership to making Knowledge Creation through the regular launch of future generations of ideas and concepts possible, to make the growth of human capital a clear focus and to making knowledge work through customized and impactful business solutions.


Chairman Speech

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